Writing Exercise #1

When I completed the self-authoring suite, my goal was to create a podcast. That still might be the ultimate goal. I’ve recorded several renditions, I’m just not happy with the format. I don’t like to sit and talk by myself, so I think I’m going to need guests, or a cohost, or some combination of the 2. In the mean time, to organize my thoughts and ambitions, I’ve challenged myself to start writing once a week. As our buddy JBP likes to say, these are shitty first drafts I’m putting out there… badly. If any of you would like to read and/ or comment, here’s the first:



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Killian Northey

Thanks for reading, Nick. I will check out your Fireside Chats. I would be interested in interviewing you as well. I appreciate the community your building here. It will be fun to see what each of us can accomplish if we sort our damned selves out!

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Nick Redmark

Hey Killian, thanks for sharing. I read your article. If you wish, I’m happy to have a conversation with you on my youtube channel, that would be a step towards creating your podcast. Here’s my open invitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdiNMG_GzWw. If you are inspired just pick a date/time here: https://calendly.com/nmaro/fireside