Achieved/Completed: May 2018, June 2018...

May: Landmark month, SH… my JPstudioSH year begins: everything has clicked into place incl. home, relationship, goals & business.

June: All my MI projects started coming together (FH/KB/SHCN/PDC), completed PDC


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Dream come true: SH May ✔️G&A for FH 1 July 2018 ✔️ Sadly 2 months rental loss which makes 5 months rental loss in all these years (4 of them tied up with renovations)


*SH move, 4 May D: this is the best day of my life, click click click on so many levels, future is clear *Completed Artist’s Way (got so much out of the speaking challenge & realised my shortfalls) *🧠🐲🐝 LT goals *FH: painted & sorted house, explored sell vs let option, identified the value & got a grip on the market, signed tenant from July, 2 months lost rent but deposit is in place & can move on *KB: built fire wall (roof room is now a real possibility), perfect new long term tenant for L, new geysers & other improvements 🏃‍♀️started 10k steps & habits


Everything started coming together in terms of projects PLUS the rains came down heavily so our dams will be looking better for Summer


Handovers (G&A and R), geyser bursts x 2, fire wall, started Greger & Daily Dozen incl. 90m exercise a day, caught up on figures ie.Nov-present day for accountant, set up SHCN with microgreens in full flourish & happy fish, started memory work ie. memorised S & Central African countries and capitals, got a good goal achievement system going (goal journal, weekly plan done every Sunday), SUBMITTED PDC PROJECT, feeling that all projects are coming together and I can start getting into other goals now, YAY!! May and June have been very productive in terms of getting things done, now July is for Sorting Myself Out.