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Jordan Peterson: You should be humble enough to understand that if you can’t order your own life, you shouldn’t be trying to order anything more complicated than that.


Second fix it project in process +

Project FH: springcleaning in process ✔️give away everything that I am not using or that no longer ‘sparks joy’ (crockery to G ✔️odds to dump shop, painting to M, tables to D, N’s paintings to R?, remember old password ✔️ download old computer, get rid of old computer), remove lemon tree, plant drought resistant plants in pots, revitalize fig tree, colour loose covers/towels/shirt, get beetle fumigation quote, paint skirting boards, paint lounge walls, sand windows down, varnish woodwork (windows), get painter to sort outside walls, build water tank base, buy water tank, instal water tank, chase offstreet parking approval.

Project KB final to do’s: lower paint price to A, lower geyser temp, find back door handle & lock, get reimbursed for floor paint & handles, make copy of remote, make copy of gate key ✔️ organise delivery of bookcase, table & couch, book bath reenameling, block shady side fix, insurance inspection, finances recon, send bc mgr my slips ✔️ buy floor paint ✔️ check prep work ✔️chase snags list ✔️fire extinguisher installation ✔️plumber quote ✔️ buy new mixer ✔️chase plumber re date & time mixer fix/temp & extractor fan installation, pot to collect geyser drips, collect cover & put on, limewash bench ✔️ask K re fold up table ✔️buy fold up table ✔️drop off w K ✔️bicycle storage spot.

Project Roof: firewall quote ✔️finish room quote, staircase quote.

Project Me: collect BC ✔️meet P re UK temp work possibilities, chase D’s, ask Tony about writing articles, diarise A’s holiday dates, write biz plan, start 10k steps again, eat vegetables, start body weight exercises, fix wardrobe, learn Dutch (busy with), explore U.K. opps, get savings back on track.

Goals: Finish KB Project, Finish FH Project

A feeling of accomplishment, 1st fix it project complete! Fixed a block (painted etc) & apartment (painted, furnished & let). Job completed 1 Nov 2017 (took 2 stressful months)

Project KB: went warrior mode and cleaned up the sides and back of the block ✔️Next: get block painting project going/buy paint✔️buy couch & table ✔️check tree work & elect fencing plan ✔️check painting progress ✔️ find new tenant ✔️finalise new contract ✔️email contract ✔️ buy chairs ✔️arrange exit meeting ✔️call mover ✔️book mover ✔️wash cushions ✔️set up handover meeting ✔️repairs/repaint apartment ✔️get shower quote ✔️set up furniture ✔️buy glass sheet, mosaic tiles etc for shower set up ✔️build shower wall ✔️ waterproof & tile ✔️ copy lease ✔️meet builders for firewall & roof room quote ✔️buy glass coffee table ✔️handover ✔️advise owners of other projects that need to be done in future ✔️celebrate ✔️

Snag list/last KB to do’s: floor swatch approval ✔️gate paint ✔️instal shower hook ✔️get tiler to fix silicon mess ✔️ find sleeper couch ✔️wash/dye cover ✔️collect remote ✔️get reimbursed for wall & window paint ✔️

Project Em: request unabridged bc ✔️Duolingo ✔️fill in form for R ✔️ meet R at HA ❌ ID how to access N’s ✔️

Q: How to attain perfection for work you’re paying for without being a control freak (while maintaining an air of trust)?

Thoughts on 2018: Honours/PGCE or ‘My Reading Year’ (read/write/travel/trade while getting fit)

Other: Allowed myself not to be agreeable w B or R’s messy tenants. Also chased B in an upbeat way re bc complaints. Spoke to S re solutions for firewall.

JP to neurotic creatives: increase your conscientiousness

Goals: Finish KB Project

Sorted out a room (courtyard) +

Courtyard success… took a couple of hours and I think we will save the avo tree (fed it with life rich home-made compost, old leaves and seaweed pellets). Installed a cold outside shower that will water the avo tree.

Prep work for Project KB painting continued (day 2).

Goals: Finish KB Project, Finish FH Project

End of year goal: complete existing projects.

Have built veg protein snacks/meals into my daily schedule (every 3hrs + 2 to 3 l of water daily) thanks to the 5 day Herbalife challenge: no more energy dips and I feel less scattered, more together, grounded. Feels like I have a sound and trustworthy base to work from.

Am also getting into a reading routine: 10m reading after 5m meditation in the morning.

Would like to apply Ray Dalio’s principles to the challenges I am taking on this month incl. recruit others to solve problems I can’t solve on my own.

Goals: Finish KB Project, Finish Self-Authoring Programme, Finish Permaculture Project, Finish FH Project, 60kg Fit & Toned

Started a 5 day Herbalife challenge +

Hope a structured eating plan will even out energy highs and lows and that I’ll feel revitalized after overextending myself Friday & Sat.

Feedback: Yes it worked. Ate every 2 hrs, no afternoon dip.


Invested in a queen size bed & wooden unit to go with 2 other units and large mirror for Airbnb possibility. Lots more to buy… costed everything out, rather nerve wracking… feeling my way forward. As JP says: just start badly, the star will keep on moving as you find your way

Also had a heart to heart w my b/f re something I was upset by. Went well which is why we are still together… we can talk about things. Got home to find he had vacuumed the house, changed the bedding & sorted the dishwasher…made such a difference.

Goals: Secure KB let/sort for Airbnb, Get to 60kg, Fix house: create a home that's a joy to live in and that maintains a sense of effortless order

Productivity is soaring!

Have had the most wonderfully flowing productive action day… feels so good to be IN FLOW!!! No thinking, just doing which means no anxiety, feeling incredibly capable and having a lot of fun. CONNECTING to my goals and in the process with my gutsyness and my old self (with newfound JP skills) as well as people I know and the world. The only downside is an adrenaline rush and not stopping to drink water etc. THANK YOU JP for opening doors to slaying the dragon and NICK for setting up this site which I’m finding so helpful.

It feels like all parts of myself are coming together in a new way.

Note: Finally ran out of steam at around 4pm so meditated for 15m but it took 1 1/2 hrs to chill. Signed off at 11.30pm after setting up a trading account, responding to emails re possible holiday let etc.

Started working towards goals listed below…

Postscript: Obsessive feels good but wrecks the momentum long term. A more balanced approach in future will be way more beneficial.


Cleaned a section of the town +

  1. Cut 3 large bags of black-massed poster ties off street lamps (now shiny again), picked up litter, got two men to pick up their cigarette butts (they responded amazingly well), asked a homeless man to put his litter back in bins… all done with a friend and got a hoot & a thumbs up from the local police who drove by.

  2. Discussed the way forward with painter (next: get cost for materials).

  3. Agreed on the way forward re maintenance issues with body corp member (next: get mgt co to speak to new owners re plumbing problems).

  4. Sent structural engineer existing plans for off street parking/retainer wall drawing.

Goals: Fix house, Fix block, Small acts to boost my neighborhood

Puzzle pieces are fitting...

Spent Sunday morning on my own in the sun reading JP’s advice on how to write an essay (brilliant) and the answer to a big question floated up out of the blue. Now to adjust goals accordingly…

Goals: Work through Jordan Peterson's writing guide, Decide on KB

Got organised, am fully motivated.

Head: Listed every current to-do I can think of in a spreadsheet (will be tracking it daily alongside my daily budget spreadsheet).

Business: Met architect on site, extremely competent and a pleasure to work with… my dream of a KB roof room might just become a reality (he reckons it will cost way less than I thought it would).

Relationships: Found a graphic designer for a friend. Good chat with my sister.

Economic edu: Watched Ray Dalio’s 30m video on how the economic machine works (which touches on how Nazi Germany came to power) And Warren Buffet on how he reads for 5+ hrs p/d, how he chooses the investments he does & great advice to upstarts

Home: Made homemade pasta with delish slow cooked tomato sauce.

Body: Going strong with zero sugar, coffee or alcohol.

Goals: Do my first trade on the stock market, Get plans done for KB roof room


Delegated how to open a stock market trading account (to my b/f who is keen to get going with me), worked on ‘To-Do Spreadsheet’, found pasta dough recipe (Gennaro Contaldo homemade pasta dough: 100g flour to 1 egg w 1/4 t salt).