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Preparing to pursue a dragon goal.

JP: When you educate someone you teach them how to use language to arm them; straighten them out; organize them; elevate them and you ennoble them and then they’re not misshapen half-carved blocks of humanity. People that can stand up; stand around and manoeuvre through the world; contribute properly to the community and keep the world oriented between chaos and order.


Started sorting again...


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How to move through this stuckness?

Getting cold feet… scared of nowanna dragon goal… the thought of leaving my b/f for months at a time isn’t sounding fun. Do I put dragon goal on hold until he can join me or get creative with my thinking and find a new win-win way forward?? Postscript: What is the out of the box thing I could do instead of the present work on offer? Where will I find this happy little country village place apthat ticks all the boxes?